"At last, thanks to Urszula’s linguistic skills, I can feel confident that the Polish words and phrases I used in my novel aren’t an embarrassment to either me or my Polish-speaking characters. If you’re in need of a cultural or linguistic consultation, look no further than Urszula, who’s professional, responsive and super helpful."
"When I wrote Salisbury Square with the co-protagonist a Polish refugee, I dithered about the use of Polish in an English novel. Sure, I could avoid it but since there were numerous interactions between speakers with Polish as their first language, I knew that would appear flat, a cheat. Some Polish would be more realistic. But how much and what exactly? Ula was tremendous in helping me get this right. And I don’t just mean the translation; no, Ula understood the context too so could be colloquial in both the English and Polish phrasing. And, if I add on top her beady eye for plot and character, which was a bonus, well, her contribution to the final version cannot be underestimated. I will forever be grateful for her help."