the cobalt story

C is for Cobalt #atozchallenge

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The Cobalt Story

“Did you know cobalt is a metal?” Anne looked at Gilbert lazily from under her sunglasses. She dipped her hand in the cool water and laid her head back down on the floating mattress, letting the sun warm her face.

Gilbert nodded his head of dark floppy hair. “It’s also an essential trace element, but can be poisonous in large doses.” A light wind tickled their skin with a soothing coolness.

Anne raised her head and looked at Gilbert as if she saw him in a new light. “I always thought it was just the color of Auntie Betty’s favorite glass bottles.”

“Well, besides being an important color of an artist’s palette, cobalt is used in many alloys, magnets, magnetic recording media, jet turbines, as a drying agent for paints and inks, and even to treat some forms of cancer…”

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