R is for Ruby #atozchallenge #flashfiction

ruby red unsplash

Vacation in India

“Chris, look at these. Wouldn’t they look beautiful in the sun room? Oh, and I have to buy that tunic. That ruby color and print are amazing. No one will have that back home.”
Mira continued talking, but Chris remembered the breathing techniques they’d learned at their workshop earlier and concentrated on his breathing – filling his abdomen and chest and then slowly releasing.

om one,
om two,
om three.

om one,
om two,
om three,
om four,
om five,
om six.

He heard the yoga guru’s voice: Your mind is the vast ocean and your thoughts just waves on the surface. Watch them come and go.
His peace was interrupted by Mira’s voice. “Chris! Chris? You haven’t been listening, have you?”



Image source: Unsplash

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