Preventing Varicose Veins

They begin as a simple cosmetic concern in the form of spider veins. For many people that is what they’ll remain, but for others, they become larger twisted varicose veins. They’re most common on the legs because standing and walking increase pressure in the veins of the lower part of the body.

on giving, woman holding jar with hyacinth

On Giving

on giving, woman holding jar with hyacinth

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2016 has been an interesting year. For some, it has been an absolutely horrible year.

I’m finding it exceptionally difficult to get into the holiday spirit. There are just so many awful things happening around the world. While I won’t deny my son Christmas, I have decided to give more than usual this year, and to keep on giving every month in 2017.

If you are looking for ideas to put money where your morals are, I’ve dug through various organizations and found several that support things I am passionate about. If you’re looking for ways to support women and girls around the world, this list is worth checking out.

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Guest post

I have a short story over on Solveig Werner’s blog for her Advent Calendar. Check it out here.

The Monster Within

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“Let the atrocious images haunt us. Even if they are only tokens, and cannot possibly encompass most of the reality to which they refer, they still perform a vital function. The images say: This is what human beings are capable of doing — may volunteer to do, enthusiastically, self-righteously. Don’t forget.”    – Susan Sontag, Regarding the Pain of Others

I think about places like Auschwitz and Hiroshima quite often. I also think about “smaller crimes” to humanity, which are committed every day. I think about places that have been touched by violence and hate. Is there any place on this planet not tainted?

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On Standing Rock: A Call to Arms

We are standing at the door leading to the next step in our evolution as humanity. Some of us have already stepped through to the other side. Some haven’t found the door yet. Others are ready to help and guide.


What is happening at Standing Rock is THE MOST IMPORTANT social cause in our lifetimes. It is a peaceful fight for life, water and our planet. It is a fight between peace, love, wisdom and greed and corporate interests. It is a fight for respect and true equality.

Standing Rock will define us. Standing Rock is where our collective future will be decided.

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On Standing Rock

Image source: Unsplash

Image source: Unsplash

Of all the things occurring right now, and boy are there many, Standing Rock feels the most important. My gut keeps telling me this is it, this is where the future of humanity will be decided.

We are facing a major crisis – there are many but in actuality, there is just this one. We are at a decisive point in history. Our actions will determine our future direction. Do we stay on the road we’ve been on, even though many of us clearly see we are headed for a cliff? Or do we change direction?

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I’m back

I haven’t posted here in a while and it feels as though the world has radically changed recently. I have been rethinking this space and what I want to achieve with it. My thinking has been changing constantly recently, in light of recent events.

One thing’s for sure: I’m coming back.

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#IWSG Wednesday #14

Today is Insecure Writer’s Support Group day, which takes place on the first Wednesday of every month. Make sure to check out other writers’ posts here.

This month’s question is:
How do you find the time to write in your busy day?

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