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Copy editing

Contact me to discuss a complimentary sample copy edit for your longer work.

  • academic papers (I do not differentiate editing types for academic papers)
  • works of fiction
  • non-fiction (articles, blogs, others)


For all copy edits of longer works, I include a summary with commentary on any inconsistencies, style issues, etc. We discuss what’ll be covered in the commentary before I start work, which can include putting together a style sheet.

I’ve worked with various types of publications and writers from medical, research, clinical to marketing, writing, art and design. I’ve copy edited for employees of the Medical University of Bialystok, the Institute of Mother and Child, Better Publishing, Univerity of Gdansk, various agencies in Europe and the US.

Substantive editing for fiction

Contact me to discuss a complimentary sample substantive edit for your longer work.

A substantive edit takes into consideration the whole work of fiction and includes things like style, organization, logic, meaning, etc. We begin by establishing goals for the edit. Then I do several read-throughs before I send it to you with a summary of each chapter. A substantive edit can be combined with a copy edit to reduce costs.

Areas of specialization

Health, wellness





Content writing

Topics: writing, art, women’s health, menstruation, access to healthcare, medicine, nature, environmental protection, activism, animal rights, yoga, spirituality, travel, Poland, Polish culture, mythology

  • Ghostwriting
  • Blog posts
  • Newsletters
  •  Social media posts


Samples or check out the blog on this site

Polish culture and language consultations

Are you writing an article about Poland or some aspect of its culture? Does your book include Polish characters? Do you want to use Polish in your novel? I can help make sure you’ve got your facts straight (and even do some research using Polish reference materials not available in English), your language use right, and cultural references on point.

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