I can never forget
The pain has been seared into my brain
I’ve been branded like cattle for slaughter
I have forgiven
Despite my best efforts
To hate
To carry anger
A fire in the pit of my stomach
I have forgiven
No longer full of hate and anger
But I remain wary of the world
The pain will not let me be naive
The pain reminds me
Sometimes I must withdraw
Psychological skin a bit thicker
Not calloused
Am I wiser?
I have forgiven




Gathered among a congregation of avians
Egrets, herons, spoonbills, storks
The scarlet ibis family
Spectacular, brightly colored waders
With long curved bills
I observed them from the hotel balcony
Many nested in the mangrove trees
Their bright scarlet like berries among the green
Others probed for insects and crustaceans along the shore
I observed them while thinking about the meaning of life




Wandering Prague

We met in the streets of Prague
Feverishly wandering through
Old town
Getting lost in the history
Of cobble stone
Bruised eyes followed us
Chasing the white
Stomachs heavy from dumplings
Fried cheese and
We built a vessel
Filled with reds and pinks and
We met in the streets of Prague
Getting lost
Chasing the white rabbit




The fuchsia sparkle of
Your purple moon
Glitter filled with
Dolphins swimming in
The water’s ebbs
Opening crocuses
You step onto the
Pain and blood of
The brown earth
Time does not move
Swiftly enough
Generational trauma
Cannot be erased
Only forgotten
The molecules moving
Throughout living organisms
Reordering cells
Making room for pain
An itch that cannot
Be scratched
A scar that cannot
Be seen
Only felt
Through a nebulous cloud
Of remembrance and


I’m Spilling Open

I’d long experienced
That aching feeling
Of longing
I know you have too

We’ve searched
To fill that void
To mollify that ache
Its appetite unappeased
A chronic feeling

But I’m spilling open
Don’t you know?
I’ve opened the windows
And the back door

I’m spilling open

Brimming with life
A boiling pot
Of concoctions
My offering
My bounty

I’m spilling open
For the world to see

No crossing my legs
In shame

Not being small


Hiding in the corner
Trying not to intimidate

I’m spilling open
Like a lion’s roar

Heard for miles and miles
Proud and loud
I’m spilling open


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