On Standing Rock

Image source: Unsplash
Image source: Unsplash

Of all the things occurring right now, and boy are there many, Standing Rock feels the most important. My gut keeps telling me this is it, this is where the future of humanity will be decided.

We are facing a major crisis – there are many but in actuality there is just this one. We are at a decisive point in history. Our actions will determine our future direction. Do we stay on the road we’ve been on, even though many of us clearly see we are headed for a cliff? Or do we change direction?

Change is always difficult. It requires more energy, more effort. BUT we are headed for a cliff!!! Many people see it. They’re yelling, ringing alarms, raising flags. Some have chosen to ignore it all, happy to be preoccupied in their everyday minutiae. Yes, everyday life is important, and great wisdom and depth can be found in the most trivial of tasks, but now is a time for action.

We cannot “wait and see” any longer. The Earth – our Mother – has been waiting for too long. We are on the brink of reaching a point of no return. Climate change is real. It is already happening. The question is where will we allow society to go.

Standing Rock is our opportunity to correct many wrongs. It is our opportunity to reconnect, with ourselves, our true nature, our true reason for being here, with our Mother, with the land, with the animals, and with each other.

I wish I could go to Standing Rock, feel the earth and the energy of the place, but I can feel it in my heart, and for now that will have to do.

There is much wisdom there, ready for the taking. I wonder how many of us recognize the gravity and importance of this place and what is happening there. I wonder what we as society will decide.

I hope we choose the right path.

I solace myself with the knowledge that no matter the direction we choose, the Earth will survive. She does not need us. But we definitely need her.

How many of us realize that?

Can we save ourselves?

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