On Standing Rock: A Call to Arms

We are standing at the door leading to the next step in our evolution as humanity. Some of us have already stepped through to the other side. Some haven’t found the door yet. Others are ready to help and guide.


What is happening at Standing Rock is THE MOST IMPORTANT social cause in our lifetimes. It is a peaceful fight for life, water and our planet. It is a fight between peace, love, wisdom and greed and corporate interests. It is a fight for respect and true equality.

Standing Rock will define us. Standing Rock is where our collective future will be decided.

Will the people take back the power for a truly equal, loving and peaceful future?

Will we finally take the stand to protect nature and preserve life?

Will we as humanity unite for our common good and prosperous future?

Or will we allow corporations to win and seize all power?

This is a live or die fight at Standing Rock. Whatever happens, life on this planet will not be the same.

If what the Water Protectors and those supporting them win, we will enter a new era. We will have asserted the paramountcy of humanity over corporate entities. We will have emphasized the significance of love and a new way of being collectively. It will be the beginning of the race to finally save ourselves from environmental disaster. We have the tools; we must use them.

If the fight at Standing Rock is lost and the banks and corporations win, it will be the end of life as we know it. All those dark predictions about our future (climate change, environmental disasters, deepening inequalities, growing poverty, massive migrations, etc.) will come true.

It really is a fight for life – our own, the planet, and all the life on it.

We must recognize Standing Rock for what it is. It is asking us to take a stand. We cannot remain passive. We cannot continue living disconnected in a dream state. We must all wake up. We have to see things for what they are. We have to engage.

We must take action.

It feels like a final stand between light and darkness, and maybe once and for all we will bear witness to the fact that both are illusions created by this reality.

We are entering a time of darkness in the Northern Hemisphere, which can bring out fear and feel uncomfortable. We cannot hide or distract ourselves. Escapism is not the answer. We must be with our fears. They are not unfounded. Only by allowing them to be and accepting them, can we gather the courage and strength to transform ourselves and the world around us.

Standing Rock is the end of a phase of human existence. We cannot allow inertia and stagnation to overcome us. We must learn to let go of pain and grief so we can begin anew.

I have been meditating much on Standing Rock and the problems we face. I am uncertain what the future will bring. I am uncertain of the outcome at Standing Rock. But I am certain of several things:

1. People must wake up – as many as possible.

2. We must look deep into our lives and discover our gifts that we can share with the world. We should allow our hidden abilities to fully manifest.

3. A new consciousness is being created. We must find our inner vision to help create this new consciousness and to contribute to a greater good.

4. The time of endings is close by. We shouldn’t resist. We must have courage and strength and know that every death is followed by renewal and rebirth. Death of the old must take place before the coming of the new.

5. We already have the knowledge and strength needed to meet the challenges. We must have faith in ourselves, each other, and our ability to succeed. We must find a flicker of hope in the darkness and believe that together we can bring forth a new consciousness, a new way of being. We must go within to find the answers and to really discern truth from delusion, or illusion.

Now is the time to take a stand. Stand up for ideals. Stand up for the Truth. Become a warrior for Truth – using love not weapons. It is time we all must take responsibility for the world we live in. We must move from distractions and escapism to mobilization and participation. We must take responsibility for the change that must occur.

Most importantly, we have to realize we aren’t separate from the world or each other. We have to stop thinking “me” and move to an “us” mindset.

We are standing at the door leading to the next step in our evolution as humanity. We are ready for a new consciousness. Will you go through to the other side and discover what is there? Or will you remain in what is becoming a vast hinterland of nothingness?

Are you ready to come out of hiding to make a difference in the world? Are you ready to live your highest calling?

Will you step through the door?


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