On Being Irregular #WeBleed

Image source: pixabay
Image source: pixabay

I’m currently bleeding. My period came three days early. I’m not sure why. But it has been fluctuating in length over the last few months. I’ve never been one of those women who were regular like a clock. Small things affect me.

Irregularity can be frustrating at times. I never know when exactly my period will come, although it does seem to like weekends. Out of 11 of my last periods, 6 started on a Friday, 2 on a Saturday, 1 on Thursday, and 2 on Monday. Being irregular is the worst when you’re worried/hoping to be pregnant. It also kind of sucks when you’re making plans and want to be sure you’re not on your period. I always mark the day I think I’ll get my period and if I want to do something that a period would not be fun to have doing it, I just avoid that general time period, if I can. (Of course, it’s just a comfort thing. There is nothing I cannot do on my period, but there are some things I prefer not to.)

This month I knew my period would be early because I ovulated early – precisely 14 days ago – and that means this period is right on time. Also on Monday my breasts got tender and my stomach softer, so I knew it was coming. My body is pretty subtle, but it doesn’t have to hit me over the head because I try to listen to it and treat it right.

I like getting my period on Friday as I always try to plan fairly loose Fridays and therefore there is space for relaxing and self-care. Also, if I have a harder day or two, the weekend is the best for taking things easy. By Monday my period will almost be over – I’ll just be spotting for a day or two.

Why I am telling you all this? Because I want this sort of thing to be normal to talk about, because it is a normal thing that happens to many women all around the world. I want you to tell me what your period is like. Are you also currently menstruating? Maybe your girlfriend or wife or sister or friend is? Please share.

We should talk about it. Yes, I want to encourage women (and men) to discuss women’s bleeding. So many of us bleed for a few days every month. It cannot stay a secret, be hidden. That is why I am participating in the #WeBleed writing group. Every month we will write posts about periods, period stigma, women’s reproductive health.

My hope is to encourage discussion, reduce squeamishness, and normalize this very common event. Want to join in? Check out this link.


4 thoughts on “On Being Irregular #WeBleed

  1. My periods have been coinciding with full moon for the last few months, so I’m expecting it in a couple of days. I used to be super regular, exactly 30 days, but since my baby girls birth things are still settling. I’m still breastfeeding her, so she was 13 months when it resumed. Thank you for this amazing conversation, Ula.

  2. I’ve been so happy you started discussing bleeding! It is so common, yet so commonly kept secretive. How else can women learn from one another and about something so womanly? A few years ago I bled for nearly 4 months straight! Looking back, and from reading Susan Weed’s book on Menopause, I think it was the birthday gift of the menopause spirits. What I learned is that when our bodies get anemic, we are prone to bleed more! So yes, I was caught in a nasty cycle of anemia as well as one of hormonal change. Doctors won’t tell you this. So I am. We don’t need to yank out a bleeding uterus, we need to take care of our bodies — nettle tea to build up, ionic iron to feed the blood, stretching, meditating, writing, and talking to wise women about bleeding. Now, if I bleed heavy or longer, I know I need to up my intake of iron.

  3. I have inspiration surges just before I bleed. I have some of my best creative ideas in the days leading up to it.

    It’s great to have this conversation started. I will definitely check out the link. And I love the picture too.

  4. I can’t tell you how pleased I am I had my last period seven years ago when I was in my 50th year. Actually I stared writing when they stopped. I’m much more inspired now!

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