I have a dream

I have a dream. Actually, it is a vision.

The times we are living in require a fierce amount of love to help humanity evolve to a higher level of consciousness. My vision is to bring together a collective of artists, writers, doers, and makers interested in making a positive change and having social impact.


The most important driving force behind our actions is a deep belief in love. Not the romantic kind you get sold in the movies, but a deep profound love and reverence for everything around us. A love that recognizes our oneness, the light inside each one of us, but also in all animals, living beings, and nature.

THE VISIONARIES COLLECTIVE is not politically affiliated, nor is it bound to one country.

We believe in intersectional feminism, deep ecology, sustainability, and equal rights for all sentient beings irrespective of species, race, class, gender, sexual orientation, belief, identity, etc. We reject anthropocentrism and believe we can live in balance with nature. We want to provide hope and light in a sometimes hopeless and seemingly bleak world.

We want to be a movement for change around the world, bringing humanity towards a new level of consciousness and existence.

Aim of this collective:

  • Intersectional feminism, including support of movements aimed at improving the lives and health of women and girls around the world
  • LGBTQIA activism and support
  • Environmental protection and solutions
  • Provide hope and light
  • Provide information and actionable tasks on how to help our brothers and sisters in areas touched by wars, natural disasters, famines, diseases, etc.
  • Sustainability – promoting green solutions and companies
  • Support and promote social causes and movements that align with our mission
  • Life in balance with nature (we can be progressive and modern while respecting nature)
  • Rejection of anthropocentrism
  • Deep ecology


I am looking for those ready to come out of hiding, ready to shine a light, peaceful warriors, and wayshowers who want to make a difference in the world. I am looking for those ready to live their highest calling with essential wisdom, depth-sourcing, and soul-changing purpose.

We have been designed to live from our infinite creative potential.

Are you ready to join me?


“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”
– Martin Luther King Jr.

If the above values resonate with you and you want to take action, create art, start a movement, etc. then I am looking for you to join THE VISIONARIES COLLECTIVE. Once we are a group, we will decide how to move forward and in what ways the collective will manifest itself.

Get in touch with me through email at uhumienik@gmail.com


Image source: Pixabay

P.S. – Happy Birthday, Martin Luther King Jr.!

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