L is for Lilac #atozchallenge #flashfiction

lilac queen pixabay

Lilac Queen

Some time ago, not so far away, there lived a girl whose parents forgot proper childcare. She was virtually abandoned and neglected. She ended up on the streets begging for food.

One day, a rich merchant’s son came to her parents’ home. He was properly welcomed and treated. Suddenly, the girl’s parents remembered they had a daughter and thought to introduce her to the merchant’s son. They asked a neighborhood boy to find her. When he did, they ensured she bathed and dressed in the finest garments.

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E is for Emerald #atozchallenge

emerald unsplash


I know most of you think I’m a good person, and I do mostly use my powers for good, but I have a confession to make. Every once in a while, I have to shed the good girl routine and just act out. I am human after all. And what is being human if not flawed?

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D is for Dandelion #atozchallenge

dandelion unsplash

Henry’s Apartment Building

The building he lived in had a dandelion yellow facade. It looked as if the sun had thrown up on the exterior walls. Hard to miss. Maybe that’s why he chose to live there. Actually, she was sure it was.

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C is for Cobalt #atozchallenge

cobalt pixabay

The Cobalt Story

“Did you know cobalt is a metal?” Anne looked at Gilbert lazily from under her sunglasses. She dipped her hand in the cool water and laid her head back down on the floating mattress, letting the sun warm her face.

Gilbert nodded his head of dark floppy hair. “It’s also an essential trace element, but can be poisonous in large doses.” A light wind tickled their skin with a soothing coolness.

Anne raised her head and looked at Gilbert as if she saw him in a new light. “I always thought it was just the color of Auntie Betty’s favorite glass bottles.”

“Well, besides being an important color of an artist’s palette, cobalt is used in many alloys, magnets, magnetic recording media, jet turbines, as a drying agent for paints and inks, and even to treat some forms of cancer…”

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Family #flashfiction

Family • #flashfiction #shortreads #99words

“I was buying flowers from the flower sellers by Cloth Hall and noticed a girl sitting on a stool facing the Church. I approached to see what she was doing and there was Basia. Painting,” Milena said.  Read more

The Artist’s Holiday by the Sea • #flashfiction #shortreads #99words

The Artist’s Holiday by the Sea

“Marie, my paintbrushes.”

“For heaven’s sake, Edward, why don’t you gather your supplies before you start painting?!” Marie brings brushes. “I’m going for a swim.”

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The Boy #flashfiction #shortreads

The Boy • #flashfiction #shortreads #99words

The Boy

Until I met him, my life was filled with humiliation and loneliness. Imagine: Begging for scraps on the streets. Capture. Imprisonment. Oh, the noise, the chaos, the whimpering at night. A sad lonely affair.  Read more