Family #flashfiction

Family • #flashfiction #shortreads #99words

“I was buying flowers from the flower sellers by Cloth Hall and noticed a girl sitting on a stool facing the Church. I approached to see what she was doing and there was Basia. Painting,” Milena said.  Read more

The Artist’s Holiday by the Sea • #flashfiction #shortreads #99words

The Artist’s Holiday by the Sea

“Marie, my paintbrushes.”

“For heaven’s sake, Edward, why don’t you gather your supplies before you start painting?!” Marie brings brushes. “I’m going for a swim.”

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I’m all over the place this week

I’d like to apologize for not responding to comments over the last few weeks. I’ve had so much going on behind the scenes, some things have been on the back burner. But know that I read and appreciate them all and I’ll write back very soon.

This week I have two guest posts up. One is over at Part-Time Monster on the Slavic myth of Devana. The second is on why I write on Gulara Vincent’s site. Check them out.

Stop by tomorrow for a brand new piece of flash fiction.

The Boy #flashfiction #shortreads

The Boy • #flashfiction #shortreads #99words

The Boy

Until I met him, my life was filled with humiliation and loneliness. Imagine: Begging for scraps on the streets. Capture. Imprisonment. Oh, the noise, the chaos, the whimpering at night. A sad lonely affair.  Read more

Chicago, hometown,

Things I Miss About Chicago

This year will be ten years since I moved to Poland — I don’t know how they passed so quickly. Time seems to be moving at ultra speeds recently. Having grown up in a city like Chicago, I appreciate the smallness and greenness of Bialystok. Most of the time, I don’t miss Chicago, but there are some things I do.

Chicago is a strange place in so many ways. Read more

A Victorian Obsession

Welcome back to the Monday Inspirations series. Today’s post is written by Luccia Gray.

I write historical fiction because I love travelling in time and space. I’m not interested in purposefully (I’m afraid I can’t control my subconscious) writing about myself or people I know, at the moment. I prefer to lose myself in other places and eras. I’m especially obsessed with Victorian times and writers, because they have become my beacon in the sea of words and ideas I need to express.

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travel, moose, temperance, theme for 2016

2016 – the year of Travel, the Moose, and Temperance

When I was reflecting on 2015 and making plans for this year, the theme for 2016 kept popping up – travel. While at the moment I have no travel plans for the year, it seems a good a theme as any.

There are, of course, places I’d like to go this year, such as Crete (for a week-long workshop on Minoan culture) and London (for the 2nd Annual Bloggers Bash), but at the moment I have no idea if I will be able. I will have a chance to travel a bit around Poland. I plan on attending the Big Book Festival in Warsaw this summer. I hope that I’ll be able to go to Krakow once again for a few days as part of research for my novel. Maybe I’ll go to the Conrad Festival in the fall.

Physical travel is only one way of going places, and I’d like to interpret my theme much more broadly and inclusively.

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Inspiration and Borrowed Strength

Welcome back to the Monday Inspirations series. This is the first post of 2016 and on this new site. I’ll be slowly transferring old posts, in the meantime, you can check them out here. Today’s post is written by Kerry E.B. Black.

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